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Best astrology reading I’ve ever had! I am feeling more connected to my soul than I have in years! Betsy helped me make sense of seemingly overwhelming challenges. She took the disparate parts of myself and moved them back together into a whole that feels greater than the sum of its parts. Betsy is magical! 



Thank you so much for the recent "Life Purpose" astrology reading. I am SO GLAD I said "yes" to my inner guidance on choosing to work with you. I appreciate your enthusiasm and preparedness - as a Virgo rising, I was thoroughly impressed that you had interpreted and made notes about my natal chart prior to our meeting. Thank you immensely for the insights and guidance, all delivered with warmth and smiles. You met my expectations and beyond!


Astrology Consultations

Thank you, Betsy, for the really profound chart reading! I learned so much about who I am and how to move forward. Thanks for sharing your gifts with me! 


Betsy provided me such a beautiful chart reading that validated everything I am currently experiencing. She explained the astrology with such clarity, making everything easy to follow. Betsy's insight and beautiful energy are unmatched!



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