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Nothing GREAT was ever accomplished alone.


You, in your true essence, are naturally powerful, confident, and courageous. The “work” is letting everything that is not you fall away. With your openness to real change, together we can make magical shifts happen.

Faded Sandpaper

It’s my joy and intention to help you reconnect with your true self, your heart’s desire, and your soul’s path.  

With your sincere participation, I guide you in awakening to your life purpose or a new vision that truly lights you up. I help you release any emotional or mental resistance to stepping into your full power. And together we work to ignite your courage and confidence to hear and answer your soul’s call.  

My work marries the practical techniques of coaching and psychology with the potent life-shifting modalities of visioning, energy healing, guided visualization, and emotional clearing. For your inner mystic, I weave in heart-affirming tools of ancient, intuitive wisdom.

I also bring my experienced guidance in how to respond to work-life-family-relationship situations as a highly sensitive person or empath and leader in a rapidly-shifting world.  

And of course, I bring a deep compassion and validation that come from decades of navigating my own spiritual awakenings and life-career reinventions.

Private Coaching
I offer two choices for coaching together one-on-one

Soul Alchemy Coaching

Coaching with me is a powerful, transformational adventure of self-discovery, healing, and re-molding your life from the inside out.

The deep fulfillment and joy you seek begins with a commitment and a willingness to grow. As soon as you say
yes, the universe steps in to meet you half way. Doors open to new possibilities and magical-feeling synchronicities.

Soul Alchemy Coaching is for you if you’re going through:


  • A relationship or career transition

  • A spiritual awakening or healing crisis

  • Wanting to find your passion and/or discover your life purpose

  • A dream, project, romantic partner, or new business venture is calling you, but you feel stuck, afraid, unclear, or unsure of next steps

     And ...

  • You’re READY ... 

to feel more empowered, focused, confident and courageous. And, you’re ready to leave your comfort zone and embrace a whole new you.

How we work together ...

We meet 3X per month for 55-minute sessions over a period of 3-6 months (depending on your individual progress, coaching aspirations, and needs).


Our work together is customized based on your area(s) of focus and the practical and metaphysical tools most fitting for you.

You are fully supported with consistent, unconditionally-accepting guidance from me as your confidante, accountability partner, and creative champion. At the close of each session, we mastermind "homework" that brings new learning and expansion between meetings.

Investment for this level of support is based on a monthly payment plan. Upon receiving your application, I will connect with you to confirm your consultation request.

During your consultation, I will answer your questions about working together. Consultations ensure we'll be a dynamic fit.

Investment: TBD

Schedule a complimentary consultation below.


Betsy exudes such vibrant, loving and intuitive energy, which you can palatably sense the moment you're in her presence.  She is incredibly perceptive and has the natural ability to make you feel seen, heard, understood & supported.  

Betsy is AMAZING at holding space, and I felt safely held in her presence to emotionally release the things that no longer serve the woman I am becoming. She guided me through some very deep inner healing, which I had felt a lot of resistance around prior to working with her.

I now have a renewed sense of empowerment & confidence for this new chapter of my journey, and I cannot thank Betsy enough for being such an integral part of my path! I would HIGHLY recommend working with Betsy if your soul resonates with her divinely loving & wise essence!



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