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Nothing GREAT was ever accomplished alone.


You, in your true essence, are naturally powerful, confident, and courageous. The “work” is letting everything that is not you fall away. With your openness to real change, together we can make magical shifts happen.

Faded Sandpaper

It’s my joy and intention to help you reconnect with your true self, your heart’s desire, and your soul’s path.  

With your sincere participation, I guide you in awakening to your life purpose or a new vision that truly lights you up. I help you release any emotional or mental resistance to stepping into your full power. And together we work to ignite your courage and confidence to hear and answer your soul’s call.  

My work marries the practical techniques of coaching and psychology with the potent life-shifting modalities of visioning, energy healing, guided visualization, and emotional clearing. For your inner mystic, I weave in heart-affirming tools of ancient, intuitive wisdom.

I also bring my experienced guidance in how to respond to work-life-family-relationship situations as a highly sensitive person or empath and leader in a rapidly-shifting world.  

And of course, I bring a deep compassion and validation that come from decades of navigating my own spiritual awakenings and life-career reinventions.

Private Coaching
I offer two choices for coaching together one-on-one