Tell me, what is it you plan to do with
    your one wild and precious life? ~Mary Oliver

Welcome!  I’m Betsy Gutting. I help lawyers, CEOs, and business owners create work and lives they love. As a past practicing lawyer and at-home mom, I have moved successfully through the trepidation and bumps of my own career and personal transitions.

Whether you’re struggling to find work-life balance, considering a career transition, or aching for more meaning and heart in what you do, I can help.

Navigating change can feel like being lost in the wilderness without a guide. It can be both scary and exhilarating. It can also catalyze remarkable positive transformation. Within the guided structure and unconditional support of the coaching partnership, you can feel empowered and energized to move forward in a new direction.

Feel good again doing work you love.
Be excited about your life!

I provide:

  • The full presence of an unbiased guide who’s on your side
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Compassionate, reflective listening
  • An in-depth self-assessment process
  • Safe space for airing your doubts & fears
  • A commitment to your goals and success on your terms

I invite you to contact me to discuss your goals, ask questions, gain more information, and see how we fit. Click here to set up a complimentary, 30-minute coaching consultation. To arrange by phone, call Betsy at 206-605-2900.

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